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Dlaczego warto mi zaufać

Our goal is to provide support to entrepreneurs, taking into account their real needs. Speed of action, transparent rules and clear communication are for us the basis of cooperation with the client.

Privacy and technology

Advice on data protection law, particularly in business processes involving new technologies.


Ensuring compliance of business activities both with generally applicable laws and with internal company regulations.

Knowledge sharing

Practical training for entrepreneurs and their employees tailored to the needs of the business.


We help entrepreneurs to develop their business

I like what I do. Professionally, I am in the place I wanted to be and dreamed of. Just like my co-workers. We help entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, taking care to comply with the law and internal regulations. We do this in a way that does not block business. We want the procedures implemented in companies to function in reality, and not to come down to preparing a stack of multi-page documents which nobody will ever read and apply.

Why do you need compliance?

When you run a business, you have to comply with many regulations. As a result, you may be subject to inspections by various authorities and often also by your contractors, who require you to comply with certain standards. If you are audited and found to be in breach, it is too late to take action. It is far better to implement certain solutions in advance. Although it may seem that not using compliance support saves money, in the long run this will not be the case. Prevention is therefore better than cure.

The essence of compliance

Apart from the threat of sanctions, an equally important reason (and in my opinion definitely more important) for taking care of the company’s compliance with the law and internal regulations is the company’s reputation in the market – its perception by customers, but also by competitors. Recipients of your services or products are increasingly aware and really pay attention to whether or not you are acting legally and ethically.


Case studies

About us


We are the right people in the right place

We want to help clients ensure that their business is in compliance with the law.

For several years we worked in law firms and companies, serving individual clients and entrepreneurs. We advised them on various areas of law, as well as represented them before courts. Gradually, we discovered that what we are most interested in is working directly with business clients and helping them to ensure that their undertakings comply with the law. 

Business specialisation

We know what challenges entrepreneurs face and we understand business.

In our opinion, it is not an art to prepare an agreement with strict provisions, which will not be accepted by the other party and, consequently, the project will not take place. We believe that the trick is to dress a given project in a tailor-made suit and not in an awkward corset. This is exactly our task. In our work, it is important to understand how the client’s business works, where it faces the greatest challenges. The next step is to align its operations with legal requirements, at the lowest possible cost to the business. Bringing this to fruition is what we enjoy most about our job.

New technologies

New technologies often go hand in hand with data protection.

There are a number of legal regulations that must be observed when implementing modern business solutions. Business will increasingly use new technologies, so we are familiar with these issues. We know what the cloud is, we are familiar with the topic of artificial intelligence. 

Experience and knowledge sharing

We are active in various professional organizations.

We are keen to exchange experience and knowledge with lawyers, but also with representatives of other fields. We share our knowledge by writing articles, conducting trainings and participating in academic conferences. For details, please see the About us tab.


We want to make it easier for you to keep up to date with legal changes affecting your business.

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