Who are we?

We do not like to say 'it is not possible'. We do it very rarely. When supporting entrepreneurs, we rely on open and transparent communication. We want to understand the client's planned undertakings, so that together we can work out solutions that will allow the company to carry out its plans in compliance with legal regulations.

We do not like standing still. We want to constantly develop and be up to date. We think this is an important quality in a person dealing with new technologies, personal data protection and compliance. 

Advocate Agnieszka Rapcewicz

After graduating from law studies at the University of Warsaw, I served my legal training in Warsaw. I passed the bar exam at the first attempt. However, I did not stop there. I completed postgraduate studies in Law of Modern Technologies at Leon Koźmiński Academy. Currently, I am a participant of a doctoral legal seminar at this university and I am working on my doctoral thesis on personal data protection law. I publish professional articles. I also share my knowledge during trainings or at seminars or conferences (e.g. during a seminar on artificial intelligence organized by the Office for Personal Data Protection).

In addition, I am a member of organizations dealing with data protection or artificial intelligence. I have been active in the Association.AI, as well as in the work of the Working Group on Artificial Intelligence (GRAI) at the Polish Ministry of Digitalization. I hold the Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe certification and am a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Since March 2023, I have been the chairwoman of the Data Protection Law Section of the District Bar Council in Warsaw.

As a volunteer, I prepared studies of domestic and foreign supervisory authority decisions and court rulings for the GDPRhub portal run by noyb, an organization founded by Max Schrems. In the fall of 2022, I decided to transfer my engagement to the Polish initiative “Internet. Czas działać!” (“Internet. Time to act!”), which formalized at the beginning of August 2023 and became a foundation. I am its co-founder and serve as chairwoman of its supervisory board, as well as take an active part in its initiatives related to the fight for the right to privacy and control over technology.

In my private life, I am also a wife and mother of two children, an animal (I have two cats and a dog), photography and travel lover. I have already visited quite a few countries in Europe, and outside of it – including Mexico (where I swam with whale sharks) and Cuba (where I went with a 10-month-old baby, which now seems crazy to me).

I speak English and German and have recently started learning Spanish for pleasure.

In the media

Agnieszka Rapcewicz

Publications :

"The use of facial recognition mechanisms in light of European Data Protection Board guidelines and supervisory authorities' positions", ODO Magazine No. 12 (July - September 2020), published by Must Read Media
"Biometric methods of identity verification" (co-author with D. Bielecki), ODO Magazine No. 13 (October - December 2020), published by Must Read Media
"Dismissal of a complaint against a PUODO decision imposing the first fine in the public sector", Information in Public Administration No. 4/2020, C.H. Beck Publishers
"Where does the employer's legitimate interest end and where does employee surveillance begin?", ODO Magazine No. 15 (April - June 2021), published by Must Read Media
"The application of national legislation in the process of imposing fines under GDPR - remarks in the context of German and Austrian legislation and jurisprudence" [in:] "Personal Data Protection: national and international perspective", scientific editors Katarzyna Śmiałek, Aleksandra Kominek, Poznań, 2021

Attorney-at-law Aleksandra Nazimek – Kurpios

Aleksandra Nazimek

I am an attorney-at-law – a graduate of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw.  In 2022, I completed my attorney-at-law apprenticeship held at the Warsaw Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law, and then obtained a positive result from the attorney-at-law exam and an entry on the list of attorneys-at-law at the Warsaw Bar.

I have a variety of professional experience gained in connection with the provision of services to external clients, as well as in the implementation of processes carried out inside the organization, due to my role as an in-house lawyer, Data Protection Officer or lawyer acting within the compliance department.

I am mainly interested in the area of personal data protection, copyright law, competition and consumer law, new technology law and compliance.

I am young, ambitious, creative and unafraid of challenges – both substantive and those related to combining concepts that serve the business while being legal.

In my free time I devote time to my interests in music, sports and literature.