What we do?

Privacy and technology

Data protection

We advise businesses on aligning their operations with the GDPR and other generally applicable data protection regulations. We have experience in conducting GDPR compliance audits, GDPR implementation and acting as Data Protection Officer. We also represent clients in administrative proceedings before the Office of the Protection of Personal Data (UODO) and in proceedings before administrative and civil courts.

New technologies

We support entrepreneurs in conducting business on the Internet and business based on new technologies. We have experience related to e-commerce and we help to adapt the business to the requirements of data protection law, consumer law, telecommunications law and others.

Cloud computing

We have experience in advising on the processes of “transitioning” businesses to “cloud” solutions, especially in the financial sector.


Compliance audits

We help entrepreneurs identify risk areas relevant to the operations of a particular business.

Implementation of procedures

Having identified risks and areas of business activity that require adaptation to legal requirements or internal procedures, we support clients in these activities.

Training and compliance maintenance

We support businesses in the implementation phase of necessary changes through staff training, as well as assist in monitoring the maintenance of compliance with legal regulations and internal procedures.

Knowledge sharing

Open training

We have experience of delivering open training courses, particularly on data protection or employment law – for both businesses and professionals. Information about open trainings will be made available in the News tab

Closed trainings

We provide dedicated training for entrepreneurs and their employees, tailored to individual needs.